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Cemetery mowing and maintenance for the summer of 2020

As the Rainier Cemetery District is staffed by only one employee and there is no funding this year to hire a temporary employee; the Sexton will be working alone again this year unless he has volunteers helping. For the majority of the summer, all twelve cemeteries will be mowed but, no trimming around the headstones and markers will be done. If there is time before a service is to be held there may be some trimming done in that area only. There can be no regular schedule because the Sexton does not know when burials or appointments in the office will need to be scheduled. Typically, cemeteries are mowed every other week until August when the grass slows down growing. There will be many dandelions and daisies during this time and when that is all that is growing; mowing will not be a priority. Please understand that the Sexton has more than 13,000 graves to maintain in the District which spans a large part of Columbia County. To put that in perspective; it takes one person around 45 hours just to mow all the cemeteries (if that one person trims around each headstone that number goes up to 80 hours)  and that is not accounting for loading/unloading and travel each day. If just one person volunteers for 7 hours one day; Woodbine, Green Mountain and Hudson could all get mowed (not including the field or trimming headstones). If the Sexton works alone that day just green mountain would get mowed in that 7 hours. If he were to mow and trim Hudson in one day alone, it would be a 10 our day after blowing the grass off every headstone. In order to mow and trim Green Mountain for one person it takes 13 hours usually spread out over 2 days. On a typical day the Sexton would load up and go to Hudson and mow it then load up and head for Apiary or some other smaller cemetery and mow that before heading back to check/return messages at the office and still end up with 8 or 9 hours without even firing up a trimmer. When one area is being maintained other areas are sure to be looking out of control and when a burial or office meeting comes up, no maintenance is being done. In addition to all of this, the equipment must be maintained as well, which takes time. You may visit a cemetery one day and it looks out of control and then it may get done the next day but you may not return until two weeks later and it looks out of control again. At the end of the day, it looks better to have a cemetery mowed and not trimmed than to not even have it mowed because some other cemetery is getting trimmed after it gets mowed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.