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Cemetery mowing and maintenance for the summer of 2021

As the Rainier Cemetery District is staffed by only one part time office employee,  if cemeteries are mowed it will by volunteers.  We are looking to hire a part time maintenance person immediately, who will handle all cemetery maintenance.   Must be 21 years of age to drive district vehicles.

Trimming around the headstones and markers will be done by Columbia County work crew on a rotating basis of 5 our busiest locations. If there is time before a service is to be held there may be some trimming done in that area only. There can be no regular schedule because there isn't staffing to do so.  Please understand that there are  more than 13,000 graves to maintain in the District which spans a large part of Columbia County. To put that in perspective; it takes one person around 45 hours just to mow all the cemeteries (if that one person trims around each headstone that number goes up to 80 hours)  and that is not accounting for loading/unloading the equipment, and travel to each location each day.   Thank you for your patience and understanding.