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Judy Lepin

Position: #2 
Term: Appointed in January 2020 until June 30 2021
Appointing Authority: Board of Directors

Judy Lepin was appointed to the #2 board member position for the cemetery district in January 2020, when Tomey Greer retired from the board.  

Judy spent 30+ years working in the insurance business as an account manager for commercial property & casualty insurance agency clients before retirement.  

Judy was born and raised in Rainier, and is a fourth generation Rainier resident on both her parents’ side.   She has three generations of relatives residing in most of the Rainier cemeteries.   She has three children and six grandchildren with whom she tries to spend as much time as possible.   
She became involved with the cemetery district in 2017, when she started working on a project as a volunteer, for the Rainier OR Historical Museum that involves inputting burial information into a database for RCD.  

After seeing the condition of the many old graves, and headstones, she became interested in assisting the district in it's efforts to maintain the district's 12 cemeteries. 

She was hired as Office Clerk, 3/15/2021, when the District's Sexton, Kevin Crawford left the District.