This Facility is Licensed by the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board (971) 673-1500


Publicly Owned and

Operated by a


 Governed by

Three Elected

Board Members



 Feel free to e-mail, call, or stop in and chat with us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. While our office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm, it is a large district containing 12 cemeteries from Clatskanie to Goble and there will not always be someone in the office at all times. If you are trying to reach someone in the office please don't be discouraged. Leave a message or try again in a few minutes, but you will receive a call back. 

This Website will be a work in progress. At this point, not all areas are set up. If you would like to e-mail us, please click the link to the right and not the "contact us" button at the bottom.Thank you for visiting our page!

Board of Directors

Cemeteries in the Rainier Cemetery District

  1.   Hudson, Larson Rd., Rainier
  2.   Woodbine, Larson Rd., Rainier
  3.   Green Mountain, Larson  Rd, Rainier
  4.   Neer City, Terry Rd., Goble
  5.   Kobel, Whitney Rd., Goble
  6.   Apiary, Fern Hill Rd., Rainier
  7.   Knights of Pythias, Neer City Rd., Rainier
  8.   Mayger/Downing, Alston-Mayger Rd., Rainier
  9.   Stewart Creek, Shepard Rd., Clatskanie
  10. Murray Hill, Hall Rd., Clatskanie
  11. Maple Wood, Conyers St., Clatskanie
  12. Cedar Hill, Wood Lane, Clatskanie
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Rainier Cemetery District Board Members


Tomey Greer                

Janice Carstensen  

Dearl Taylor             

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