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Cleaning up after Memorial Day 

HOW YOU CAN HELP keep our cemeteries looking better: If you placed decorations on the graves of friends and family, please return during the next week and retrieve any decorations that will be in the way of mowing and trimming between headstones. This applies to potted plants, settees of all shapes and sizes, artificial flowers that are stuck in the ground, and most importantly any glass vases. For the summer and fall of each year there should be no artificial flowers placed as they make a mess when they are hit with a trimmer or mower. Also, they have wire in them which is dangerous and hard on lawnmower blades. Please understand that the maintneance crew (2 people)  have more than 13,000 graves to maintain in the District which spans a large part of Columbia County. When one area is being maintained other areas are sure to be looking out of control and when a burial or office meeting comes up, no maintenance is being done. In addition to all of this, the equipment must be maintained as well, which takes time. You may visit a cemetery one day and it looks out of control and then it may get done the next day but when you return two weeks later, it looks out of control again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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