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Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget

A message from the Board

Each Memorial Day, thousands of graves in our District are decorated with all kinds of decorations from simple artificial flowers stuck in the ground to large settees and also; metal stakes holding down plastic baskets; fiberglass solar light stakes with glass angels or crosses; Glass jars and vases; all kinds of rocks big and small; fishing lures (and fishing poles). 

It is very beautiful for the two weeks around Memorial Day but, these items should be retrieved by the first day of June. For many years, some of these items have been left by family members and not picked back up resulting in broken glass; artificial flower petals scattered around; rocks that end up getting hit by trimmers and/or mowers; tall grass around the markers that hides dangerous stakes stuck in the ground and the like.

The Sexton is required to remove these items beginning June 1st. However, for the last few years he has not been able to keep up with regular maintenance let alone the removal of trash from the cemeteries. This past June (2019) however he has been instructed to make an effort  to focus on cleaning up after Memorial Day and continue to keep these types of items out of the cemeteries throughout the year.

The reasons for this return to upholding our policies have to do with the general appearance of the grounds as well as, the safety of the Sexton and any volunteers that help him. It is not the intention of the board to frustrate anyone or cause additional grief however, a standard of safety and general tidiness must be maintained.

If you or someone you know has noticed something missing or if you have any questions regarding what items are allowed and when; please call the office 503-556-9697. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Board of Directors