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The Companion Corner

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The Companion Corner is the Rainier Cemetery District's only cemetery that is exclusively for pets. Established in 2004, it is a respectful burial place for the unforgettable pets in our lives. 

Located next to the Hudson Cemetery, the Companion Corner was established on September 1, 2004. There are more than 200 full burial and cremation plots avalible. Below are the current prices of plots which include the first burial.

Arrangements for the burial of pets may be made Monday  through Friday during normal business hours. Arrangements for scheduling the burial ABSOLUTELY need to be taken care of before delivering your pet to the cemetery. Caskets and burial containers purchased from the cemetery may be picked up at the cemetery office.


Grave plots inculding burial  (10% Senior, age 60,  Discount on all plots)

  • 2x4..................................................................... $200.00 (Large pet plot)

*(1 Full Burial & 2 Cremations may be placed in 2x4 plot or 3 Cremations Only)

  • 2x3..................................................................... $150.00 (Small pet plot)

*(1 Full Burial & 2 Cremations may be placed in 2x3 plot or 3 Cremations Only)

The first interment (or burial) is included in the cost of the plot. Any interment or inurnment after that is $50.00.

Prices may change without notice. 

Burial Containers (Pet Caskets and Urns)

Rainier Cemetery District requires a permanent container to be used for all FULL burials approved by  the Cemetery District.  The family may pick up the casket and place their own pet prior to the delivery to the cemetery.  The Container must be made of fiberglass or polymer and be sealed.  The Cemetery has a variety of caskets available and to order, arriving in a timely manner. Caskets may also be purchased through other companies providing they fit within the plot. Urns must be made of metal or plastic, or placed in a liner.

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Plot map of the Companion Corner

Marker Installation Fees

A temporary marker will be provided at no additional cost to the plot owner which will remain for as long as it can be read, Once it is removed; it will not be replaced without cost.

Markers are available for purchase through the Rainier Cemetery District or local monument dealers and Funeral Homes.  All markers will be set by the staff of the Rainier Cemetery District or by an approved monument company under the supervision of the Sexton.  The overall maximum size for markers on 2 plots together is 26x16, including a 4 inch concrete border. Single plot markers must not exceed 22x14 including a 3 inch concrete border. All markers must be flush ground markers only. A permit/setting fee for each marker will be charged at the rate of $114.00.  Markers must be approved for material, engraving, cut, size, word and picture content, and many other elements. Markers must be Granite or Bronze, must not be painted or dyed, excepting black/white lettering.  Cemetery staff will be glad to help purchasers or vendors on marker approval requirements, rules and regulations.

The Cemetery is offering a free plot and opening & closing for all registered service Animals.

There will be NO Sunday and Holiday services.  An additional charge of $393.00 will be charged for all Saturday services. Disinterments may be done for $100.00 and $75.00 per hour after the first hour. The cemetery will not provide clergy services, the family may provide their own clergy at their own cost.  


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