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To the Voter’s of the Rainier Cemetery District (including the Clatskanie area cemeteries):

The Board of Directors of the Rainier Cemetery District would like to express their extreme gratitude for voting the 5-year operating levy for operations.  The additional funding has allowed the District to hire two maintenance crew members and one office manager, as well as update vital pieces of equipment: two commercial mowers, for the daily operations of the 12 cemeteries in the District.

All our staff have been working very hard over the last year to get and keep the 12 cemeteries within the District, to a level of service the voters in this District expect and deserve.  The Board is aware that there have been a few miscues along the way, but please know that there are plans and schedules being put into place that will ideally allow for a level of confidence of service. 

Again, we offer the sincerest Thank You and ask for your patience and grace.

Rainier Cemetery District Board of Directors




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